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Arromanches 360

Basse Normandie, (14) 

Castle of Savigny

Bourgogne, (21) 


Auvergne, (04) 

Gold Beach - D-Day Museum

Basse Normandie, (14) 

Juno Beach Center

Basse Normandie, (14) 

Michelin Adventure

Auvergne, (63) 

Millau Viaduct

Midi-Pyrénées, (12) 

Museum of the car 2CV

Alsace, (67) 

Omaha Beach American Cemetery

Basse Normandie, (14) 

Omaha Beach Memorial and Museum

Basse Normandie, (14) 


Basse Normandie, (14) 

Sword Beach

Basse Normandie, (14) 

Tank Museum - Panzer Museum

Pays de la Loire, (49) 

The City of the Cars

Alsace, (68) 

The Mansion of the Car

Bretagne, (35) 

The Matra Museum

Centre, (41) 

The museum of the 24 Hours

Pays de la Loire, (72)