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Science fiction novel (in French)"Global Contact" - Free download!To read with passion.
Officially recommanded by Genius Tour.


European Research newspaper

Game of space walk in the ISS

Play on line on the official website of the NASA and learn how to move and to repair parts of the orbital station!


French National Institute on the Health & Medical Research

NASA - KEPLER Satellite, to find exo-planets

Very beautiful website of the NASA.
KEPLER mission is to find planets that look like Earth. At the 08/28/2010, it has found already 7, with 2 in a same start system at less than 150 LY from us, in the Cygnus constellation.


Look at the Kennedy Space Center launches in real time!


Know when the ISS is visible from your home.


Help Berkeley University to analyse the signs recorded per the radiotelescope of Arecibo to try finding extra-terrestrial signs.


Free planetarium to download

The ANTARES experience

Presentation of the neutrinos detector that is being built at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea.

The exoplanet encyclopedia

On November the 19th, 2011, 702 planets outside our solar system have been found, in 20 years.

WorldWide Telescope - NASA

Look at the colors of space and of Mars as you never done before.


Look at the Earth with the satellite of your choice with a very high resolution (9 feet)! - freeware