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Vostochny, the new Russian spaceport

On 04-04-2011

Russia will start the build of its new spaceport: Vostochny, which will be added to Baïkonour and to Plesetsk.
It should be operational in 2015.
This is in phase of what was announced per Russian Space Agency on September the 11th, 2007:
1. A new transportation system to bring men in space by 2015,
2. A new spatial center built in russian territory (the old centers don't fit anymore to the actual needs),
3. An inhabited russian space station, after ISS, by about 2020,
4. A lunar human mission by 2025 and a lunar permanent base in 2028-2032. (from Perminov - A. K.),
5. Possibility of an inhabited fly towards Mars after 2035.

Related web site: http://www.russianspaceweb.com/svobodny.html