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Endeavour docked to the ISS

On 06-08-2011

This is the first view showing completely the ISS with a space shuttle docked to it.
This picture, taken on May the 23rd, 2011, by the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, has been done when the Soyouz ship where he was on board to come back on Earth after a 6 months mission on the ISS, turned 130° especially for the picture when it was at 183m away.

This picture was particularly important for the US government has never in the past 10 years that it took to build the ISS such an opportunity has been created to show the space shuttle and the station in a same picture.
Here, this is Endeavour during its very last mission, which is also before the last one of the space shuttle US program.
br>The last launch is planed to be done on July the 8th, 2011.

Credit: NASA

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