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Self-Organized Incremental Neuronal Network (SOINN)
The revolution of artificial intelligence

On 10-12-2011

The japanese team of Professor Ogamu Hasegawa, associated professor in the Technological Institute of Tokyo, has decided to be new in the area of artificial intelligence, giving to his algorithms a database almost infinite and always increasing: Internet.
Combining more and more sophisticated algorithms to this tremendeous database of information, the algorithms are able to translate a request for which one they are not programmed to. This is done thanks to this 'bridge' built between algorithms and internet, and thanks to its Self-Organized Incremental Neuronal Network (SOINN).

In his laboratory, Professor Hasegawa has asked its robot to fill a glass of water.
The program knew how to decode the request in single actions, knew how to sequence them, and then, has taken an empty glass, has taken the bottle of water, has filled it, and has put back the glass on the table, without any prior specific programmation.

Possibilities are tremendeous: the system can distinguish orders from the surrounding noises, can receive orders from the other side of the planet via Internet, will be able to(this is a goal) help preventing earthquakes, will be able to manage and reduce traffic jams, but wil be able to become a weapon.

Professor insists:"Technology goes very fast." "I want that people knows that we already have this technology. We want that people are coming from all horizons to discuss together to define how it will be able to be used whilst it is still in an embryon state."
(information from AFP dated from October the 11th, 2011).

The film accessible via the html link here below shows the robot filling a glass of water.

Photo : Robot filling a glass of water - September 28th, 2011
Copyright AFP, Yoshikazu Tsuno

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