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After the WIFI here comes the LIFI!

On 02-23-2013

WiFi networks are required to be completed by LIFI ones.
this one uses the LED light that can switch off and on again several million times per second.
Obviously, the persistence of the eye does that we do not see any flicker and for us it is just a normal light.
However, this light carries information through its ultra-rapid interruptions.
Hence it is possible to receive these signals, translate them and use them for example to listen to music or to watch TV.

This technology was developed by Professor Martin Dawson of the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and Harald Haas, a German physicist.
Harald Haas has created his company PureVLC ((Visible Light Communication) and announces that he will be able to transmit to 1Gbps.

This technology seems revolutionary but its principle has yet been experienced on February the 19th, 1880 by Graham Bell who transmitted a signal 700 feet away (2.1 km)!

The only current limitations of this technology are that it only sends information and does not allow exchange of data ; also, blocking the light beam blocks as well the flow of information.
The second limit can easily be circumvented by installing many bulbs, the first one has no answer today.

This promising technology should start to be more and more known in 2013.

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