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The Adventure of the Earth

Domaine(s) : Geology

Region : Auvergne

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Vulcania facelifted for a few years and many new attractions have emerged from the ground.
Thus, after:
- Forces of Nature: Face the anger of the Earth on a giant screen,
- Planet Observer : Watch the interactive show on the planet from above,
- The Great Crater: Gateway Park, you are surrounded by clouds of smoke and going down 35m depth,
- Magma Explorer: Dive to 3000m to explore the magma aboard your ship,
- The Awakening Giant of Auvergne: impressive 3D film that uses dynamic seats,
- Earthquakes and Tsunamis: Learn how to face in front of such events and vibrate when the ground shakes!
- Mount St. Helens: Get ready to relive one of the largest eruptions of the 20th century,
- The Kraft collection, impressive by all these objects brought back from the world's volcanoes ,...

New Vulcania invites you to experience new sensations:

- VolcanBul: Discover Giant Models of the volcanoes that surround Vulcania onboard green vehicles: a real prehistoric park!,
- Grand Geyser: its bursts reach over 20m height,
- The Theater of the Universe, which explains the formation of the Earth since the Big Bang until today,
- The Corner of the Experiments, to understand the mechanism of volcanoes with easy and fun experiments in presence of professionals,
- Irruptions, where you rediscover the Massif Central in 3D
- The Volcanic Garden, where you walk, and that shows you what the Auvergne landscape looked like there are several million years,
- The Giant-Scale Models, which allows you to fly over the Massif Central reproduced on a surface that is 120m? wide,
- Dragon Ride: Dive into the legends of the underworld!

And also, starting in 2011 :

- The angry Earth , also suitable for disable persons,
- The unveiled planet, a 3D interactive overview of the Earth for 45 minutes,
- Mission Toba, where you relive the explosion of the volcano in Indonesia that took place 74,000 years ago,
- The magic Odyssey, where you are delighted by the geological wonders of the Earth and by their fragility, for 20 minutes on a giant screen 412m² wide.


Vulcania is ideally located in the heart of nature. This is why a weekend allows you to fully enjoy the attractions and of course to enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature.
If this is possible, a three days weekend will allow you to fully appreciate the park, to live sweet reality of the campaign of the Massif Central and to discover the industrial city Clermont-Ferrand with its beautiful cathedral.

Vulcania Park is open until November 13.
The schedule of the opening days is available by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The 'New Vulcania has revitalized the park and has become inescapable.
Its achievement, that is the fruit of the marriage of the ecology and of the new technologies, leaves the visitor delighted per his stay.
In addition of the animations detailed here, many other exhibits and discovery spaces are managed, such as, for instance:
- The meteorite Tamentit,
- The film 'In the Land of Volcanoes',
- the area Planets & Volcanoes.


Route de Mazayes, 63230 Saint-Ours-Les Roches

- From the North: highway A71 then A89 direction to Bordeaux, exit Vulcania/Bromont
- From the South: highway A75 then A89 direction to Bordeaux, exit Vulcania/Bromont or via Clermont-Ferrand exit North
- From West: A89 exit Vulcania/Bromont
- From Est A72 then A71 and A89 exit Vulcania/Bromont or via Clermont-Ferrand exit North
- by train: Go to Clermont-Ferrand then take a shuttle that goes directly to the parc.

N 45°48'49" E 02°56'24"

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