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Alsace and the Mecanical Industry

Domaine(s) : Cars

Region : Alsace


The approach of the Alsace region that we suggest here is about the engineering industry.

An industrious weekend begins near Strasbourg with the 2CV car & the Bugatti museums.
Then, change of scenery!
The visit continues necessarily in Mulhouse where the City of the Cars, the largest collection of cars on the planet, and the City of Train, which has so beautiful and so impressive locomotives immerse you in a powerful universe where to be one with the machine starts to become possible.


Two days are needed to fully realize the visit of these four locations.
We suggest to start with the home of Bugatti, followed by the museum of this symbol of freedom of 1968, the 2CV car.

After having taken the time to see two totally different epics of the mechanical world, you will be delighted per these two beautiful cities of the Car and of the Train in Mulhouse. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The discovery of Alsace has the triple advantage to show you the two largest cities in the region, to show you the beautiful countryside and the surrounding geography, before to plunge you towards the results of ancient and contemporary mechanics constructions.



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