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Aquitaine & Midi-Pyrenees : - 50000 years

Domaine(s) : Archeology

Region : Aquitaine


The Perigord region is a fabulous region if you are passionate about prehistory or if you simply want to know more about the origins of humanity.

Many sites are devoted to this scientific field, such either:
- Caves with paintings or sculptures,
- Specialized museums,
- Troglodytes villages & castles,
- Dinosaurs parks and scenes of the lives of our ancestors.

All this is shown in a magnificent setting that is the region of the valley of Vezere or more generally the Perigord.


The circuit that we describe here is an idea of a 6 days trip to discover the Perigord Prehistory then mediaeval, half way between the Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees.
Adapt it according to the duration of your stay, your accommodation and of course the weather: some sites are outside, others not.

We then suggest you to start with:
Day 1:
- The Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies. This museum will allow you in one to two hours to better understand the prehistoric world and thus better understand the discoveries that you will make during the following of your trip;
- The Combarelles cave will immerse you with its 600 paintings of wild animals for an hour.
- The cave of Font de Gaume (reservations mandatory) will amaze you even more by its polychromy (a one hour visit);
- The shelter of Cap Blanc (reservations mandatory) and
- The Fish shelter (reservations mandatory) to escape one hour each.
2nd day:
- The cave of the sorcerer will enjoy you by the village where it lies and by the sculptures it houses.
- After re-crossed Les Eyzies, the caves of the Cazelle Roc Park, near Les Eyzies also will immerse you immediately and intensely in the world that existed here 100 or 200 centuries ago.
Day 3:
- Prehisto Park dedicated to the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal men and located near the river Vezere to escape the morning before going to see .. .
- La Roque Saint-Christophe, which will impress you with its size and its originality: village or fort in the Middle Ages, prehistoric cave before, you will be dazzled by this classified historic site.
4th day:
- Lascaux II, so famous, you'll see why!,
- Then, lunch and afternoon in Sarlat, so charming and emblematic city of the region.
- Enhance your visit by walking or cycling.
Day 5: - Other aspects of the history school program are covered in the region:
- The Castelnaud castle is perfectly renovated but above all, is installed as were the castles of the Middle Ages during the attacks: all defenses are installed, such as catapults and other weapons.
6th day: - Finally, before wrapping up, we suggest you go through
- The Cougnac cave, then by
- Prehistoric Cave of Wonders in Rocamadour. For the latter one, enjoy the village on the hill and the proximity of the cave (200m). You'll also enjoy the local food and keep a memory of 'come back'! ... Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Depending on the time you want to spend in the region, you can spend several hours, a day or a weekend, or even a good week to discover all these places listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

Website of the General Council of the Perigord: http://www.perigord.tm.fr/

We let you organize your stay and hope that these suggestions will be helpful.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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