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Astronomical Observatory of Marseille

Domaine(s) : Astronomy

Region : Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur


Astronomy Observatory of Marseille Provence (OAMP) is a Centre of Science of the Universe (OSU), School of the University of Provence, under the supervision of the National Institute of Sciences of the Universe (INSU) of the National Center for Scientific Research, with strong participation of the National Space Research Center (CNES).
It combines the Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille, the observatory of Haute-Provence, and the Gassendi Department which is responsible for all administrative support functions, logistics and technical shared among the laboratories of the OAMP.

The major objects of the Centre are:
-The 1,93m diameter telescope,
- The scenic of the OHP,
- The magnificent view,
- The correlation spectrographs, used to search for exoplanets.


Usually, the observatory can be visited on Wednesday during the school year and on Wednesday & Thursday during the summer holidays.
Check dates of visits in the observatory web site: www.obs-hp.fr
Have at least two hours for a tour of the observatory and the offered activities. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Activities are organized throughout the year for all ages of public.

Some binding rules condition however the visit:
- The movie theater for public information contains only 80 seats,
- The visit of the telescope and the dome requires climbing 60 stairs to access a third level,
- The access to the places of the visit done by foot from the conciergerie is forbidden for security reasons to induviduals or to unauthorized groups
- To remain under the permanent supervision of their leaders, groups of children or teenagers must be accompanied with enough teachers or adults,
- No visitors are allowed after 16:00
- Organized groups can visit only after prior agreement
- Dogs are not allowed on the site

Ongoing works may conduct the Observatory to close the site or change the visits at the last moment without prior announcement.


04870 Saint-Michel l'Observatoire

N 43° 55' 54'', E 05° 42' 44''

Site internet officiel :