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Auvergne Animal Park

Previously named Park of the Cezallier

Domaine(s) : Zoos, Farms & Vivariums

Region : Auvergne

Snow Leopard
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The Auvergne Animal Park is a zoo with animals in the thematic "Summits of the world".
It is located in the Massif Cezallier in Ardes-sur-Couze in the Puy de Dome, 20 minutes away from Issoire and 45 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand.
The park is 30 hectares wide, it accommodates nearly 350 animals of more than 70 species from 4 continents and participates to breed programs for 46 species.
It works for the conservation of local endangered species through its association "La Passerelle".

The Auvergne Animal Park is the only park in Europe specializing in the fauna of the summits of the world that is fully involved in the protection of endangered species.

The 70 species in the park are as follows, among which the novelties for 2021 are: the love panther (Russia) and the return of the pudus from Chile.

- Alpacas
- Various ateles
- Binturongs
- Alpine ibex
- Capybaras
- Deer pigs
- Thorold's Deer
- Crested deer
- Sika deer
- Bactrian camels
- Chamois
- Cobes of Lechwe
- Coendous
- Dholes
- Prevost Squirrels
- European Elks
- Mhor gazelles
- White whiskered gibbon
- White-handed Gibbons
- Rothschild giraffes
- Kordofan giraffe
- Reticulated giraffe
- Gluttons
- Gorals
- Hippopotamus
- Kulans
- Crowned lemurs
- Asian dwarf otters
- Barbary macaques
- Makis cattas
- Markhors
- Muntjacs de Reeves
- Rheas of America
- Rheas of Darwin
- Oryx Beïsa
- Tibetan black bears
- Red pandas
- Panthers of Love
- Snow panthers
- 2-toed sloth
- Porcupines in Crete
- American Porcupines
- Bush pigs
- Araucana hens
- Chilean pudus
- Raccoons
- Reindeer
- Saïmiris of Peru


The tour takes approximately 2h30 to see the animals, but may extend to all the day by taking advantage of picnic areas and many outdoor games.
The park has numerous rest areas, which gives opportunity of enjoying quietly of the environment.

The park is open following the schedule available by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Before all, the objective of the park is about recreating a bridge between Man and Animal Kingdom.
It wants to play the role of guardian of the wildlife heritage.
Its mission: to contribute to the reproduction of endangered animals or belonging to European breeding programs, EEP.
It offers large spaces and promotes the diversity of species in the enclosure in order to emphasize the natural behavior and to facilitate reproduction.

The location is very shady and allows a very pleasant visit.

Access denied to any animal coming from outside the park.

The Auvergne Animal Park is built on the side of a mountain over a vertical drop of about 200m with some slopes of more than 20%. That is why it invested in 7 km of paved roads. However, there are dirt tracks or small pebbles in the park.
This is important information to consider when making a purchase.


63420 Ardes sur Couze

From the A75, take the exit 15 or 17 at the South of Issoire direction 'Ardes sur Couze' (D214 from Saint-Germain Lembron).

Access from Murol: Department Besse then Compains, 'Saint-Alyre es Montagne' and finally 'Ardes sur Couze'.

N 45°24'13'' E 03°07'35''

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