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Domaine(s) : Botanics

Region : Haute Normandie


Biotropica is the largest zoological greenhouse in France which covers an area of 5000m².
You will see all kinds of animals:
- Reptiles such as Mississippi alligators, poison dart frogs leucomelas yellow and black,
-Colorful tropical birds: Purple Touracos, Red Ibises, Macaws,
- Primates: Tamarins Emperors,
- Fish: Piranhas

Biotropica presents animals and plants through six different ecosystems that are made as "territories":
- The Ertah's Origins, with very ancient species,
- The Resourceful Earth presented via a scientific camp staged in a tropical atmosphere, with fish ponds with new species that meet the growing food needs of mankind,
- The Earths Insomniacs, with nocturnal species,
- The Earth Encounters, where the animals presented are quite specific: they are semi-aquatic and live both in water and on land,
- The Colourful Earth, where colorful birds are honored, but also other species,
- The Minuscule Earth, where "little species" slowly evolving,
- The Secret Earth, where the most amazing and bizarre animals are presented,
- The Predatory Earth that is mainly inhabited by alligators

At last, the mini-farm will delight young and old with its goats, its mini-pigs and its funny turkeys.

The park hosts also now red pandas.

New in 2015 : The penguins Bay


The park is open such as:
- From April to September : From 9:30 to 19:00
- From October to March from 9:30 to 17:30
The park is closed on December the 25th and on January the 1st. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Car park needs to be paid.
Access is forbiddent to the foreign animal park.


Butte de la Capoulade
27100 Val de Reuil

Biotropica is located on the North shore of Lac des deux amants (Lake of the two lovers) along the road D778.

From the A13, take exit 20, Val-de-Reuil, to the East via the D321 , then continue straight on D77 and D778.
The exit 20 is located at 28km at the South of Rouen.

From the A13 via exit 19, Val-de-Reuil, take to the North via the D6154 and turn to the right on the D778.
The exit 19 is located at 38km at the North of Evreux and at 114km at the North of Paris.

N 49°16’30’’, E 01°12’40’’

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