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Casseaux Oven Museum

Domaine(s) : Artistical Industry

Region : Limousin


The Casseaux Oven Museum is dedicated to porcelain.

The new permanent exhibition "The Science for Porcelain" explains the difficulties encountered during the manufacturing steps to obtain porcelain, such as:
- Difficulties for controling the cooking,
- Difficulties linked to temperatures and atmospheres,
at the time of flame furnaces until the gas and electric ovens.


Guided tours are available in July and August, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 15:00, without reservation. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The museum is operated by the Association Espace Porcelaine.

Built in 1884, the Casseaux oven is one of the last five porcelain ovens preserved in the town of Limoges, world famous for its porcelain industry.
It is the only one listed as historical monument.
It is located Rue Donzelot, near the edge of Vienna river, touching the factory "Royal Limoges."
It is made of brick and has a diameter of 7.74 meters.
It is no longer used since 1959 with the use of the technique of cooking with gas in the « tunnel ovens ».


28 rue Donzelot
87000 Limoges

Access Faubourg des Casseaux, Quai du Port Naveix, Parking Royal Limoges.

N 45°51'00'' E 01°15'00''

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