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City of Boatmen

Domaine(s) : Seas & Rivers

Region : Picardie


The city of boatmen is composed of three parts:
1- The house museum
2- Barge Museum "Freycinet"
3- Sound Kiosks and canal banks

Museum presents in a beautiful house how the story of Longueil-Annel was immersed by the world of inland water transport and participated back to the evolution of life in the inland waterways.
Thus, you will see major technical innovations, you will learn the lives of sailors and their struggles for recognition of their profession.

Then, the barge plunges you into the sailors daily world. You will see how refueling is done, how is processed the crucial stages of loading and unloading goods, and the dangers and problems linked with this itinerant life.

Finally, the path guided by sound booths along banks of the canal will show you how a real lock operates.


The city is open according to the schedule available by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Channels become back very important.
Indeed, not only Americans have begun the works to expand the Panama Canal, but Chinese just started in the early 2015 works to dig the Nicaragua canal, which will have locks that are almost 500 meters long, allowing supertankers to move from one side to the other of the Americas much faster than today (the official start was December 22nd, 2014).
Of course, the lateral canal Oise that you will discover during your visit, dug between 1826 and 1831 to support the industrial revolution was not such a vocation, but you will easily understand the ease brought by this type of freight transport.


59 avenue de la Canonniere, 60150 Longueil-Annel

Longueil-Annel is located in Oise department, specifically in the common community of two valleys (CC2V) at 90km away from Paris.
From Paris, take the north via the N1 towards Senlis and Compiegne.
Near Compiegne, take the N1031 and the D1032 towards Thourotte and Longueil-Annel.

N 49°28'14', E 02°51'45''

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