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Commandery of Knights Templar in Arville

Domaine(s) : Archeology

Region : Centre


The Commandery of Arville was a center of military recruitment and training of the Templars.

Created in 1130, this site was the starting point of some Templars to go doing crusades to Jerusalem.

Templars were a religious military order that was in very bad terms with the Hospitallers, another religious military order.

When the Templars have been said outlawed and were arrested in 1307, the Hospitallers appropriated the building until 1789.

Each building of the site tells the daily life of the Templars:
- Religious life,
- Economic Activities,
- Exercise of lordly power

Each of them is explained in the site.

You will be able to contemplate:
- The fortified gate,
- The tithe Barn,
- The pigeon building, which dates from the 16th century,
- The medieval garden,
- The Templar church from the 12th century.


Two hours are easily spent on the site.

Afterwhile, it depends if you do your visit during an animation such as the Medieval Market for example.

The site is open depending on the schedule available clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The visit is free or is via an audioguide

Games are also set-up for children from 5 years old and older.

Events are regularly organized, such as a medieval festival, Magic, the day of bread, the Medieval Market and others.


Route des Templiers
41170 Arville

Arville is located in the borough of Vendome.

From Paris, take the highway A11.
From Exit No. 4, Alencon, go South towards La Bazoche, The Gault and Arville.

From Le Mans, take Exit No. 5 of the A11 to La Ferte-Bernard to the South, then take the direction of Montmirail, Montdoubleau and then Arville.

N 48°03'49'', E 00°56'53''

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