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Educational farm Discovery

Nutria and Kangaroos

Domaine(s) : Zoos, Farms & Vivariums

Region : Auvergne

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You will be able to meet the myocastors, these neighbors beavers, which are from South America.
After having enjoyed a guided tour during which one you will have aproached these animals that let them caressed, you will continue the visit with the kangaroos.

The wallaby, no taller than a 10 year old child, hop in the middle of the visitors and leave them again to be caressed, although they are extremely shy.


Half an hour allow you to spend a very enjoyable and instructive moment in the farm of nutria and kangaroos.

The farm is open daily from May to September, during the school holidays and Sundays in off season.

The tour is available all the year for groups after reservation. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Among the 300 farm animals are mainly represented the myocastors, close to nutria , and several llamas and kangaroos.


63710 Saint-Nectaire

The farm is on the road between Murol & Saint-Nectaire and along the D996, 4 minutes away from the Castle of Murol.

N 45°34'26'', E 02°56'38''

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