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European Gallery of Forests and Wood

Domaine(s) : Botanics

Region : Bourgogne


The museum shows exhibitions on:
- The world of ancient forests,
- The biological activity and the fight against pollution,
- The woodworking,
- The forest of Burgundy,
- The Arboretum lands of Pezanin with 450 species of trees,
- Forest World, Forest Men: rainforests, dry, temperate and boreal forests
- Auditorium,
- Boiler Wood,
- Xylotheque, which presents the changes that can undergo the wood and how it is possible to fight against,
- Documentation Room,
- Material library, which lists the different types of materials created from the wood,
- Cluster creation, architecture, design,
- Cluster Forest,
- Industrial Innovation one,
- A greenhouse where it is also possible to buy small trees.


According to what you seek, you can spend an hour (if for instance you are just passionate looking for new species to add at home) to several days (if you're a professional). Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The Gallery has a truly remarkable and comprehensive content, both in forest management and in the choice of species and their use, directly or with derivatives.
Documentation library and helps for professionals are available.


71520 Dompierre les Ormes

The Gallery is located between the village of Dompierre les Ormes and the Pezanin Arboretum.

N 46°21'38'', E 04°28'59''

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