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The European Park of of the image and of the sound

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Region : Poitou-Charentes

Park, seen from the TGV train station
Centre of the park
Mysterious Kube
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Welcome to the European Park of of the image and of the sound !

This resort park is particularly dynamic: each year sees new attractions offered to the public.

Featuring 23 attractions all most breathtaking each other, the park also offers very entertaining and very fun activities for children, but also the Garden of Energy, the Discovery of Zero Carbon Habitats, ..., and also a nightly musical show with fountains, lights, laser and pyrotechnics.

To update our article (August 2015), we visited the park twice under different conditions, including one time with two children, 5 and 7 years old, which gave us a very complementary vision of the park.

Amongst the 23 proposed attractions, those that were the most fun or the most interested are:
- Arthur, the 4D Adventure, dynamic cinema loved per everyone including children, inspired from the movie "Arthur and the minimoys"
- The machine Travel through time with the Raving Rabbids cartoon,
- Cosmic shocks, the planetarium hosted by the French actor Lorànt Deutsch, also with its fascinating museum,
- Dynamic!, a great dynamic cinema; however, we have done it without the kids,
- The Dynamic Vienne, great for everyone,
- IMagic, the magic show makes you appearing on stage a helicopter and a plane!
- The Mysteries of Kube, very beautiful phantasmagorical show with acrobats,
- The 8th Continent, interactive cinema that makes you aware of this continent made with waste in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,
- Into the Dark, that make you feeling the world like blind people,
- Dance with robots, only to healthy teenagers and adults,
- The Little Prince, slightly dynamic cinema, where we stay standing, fun.

At last, the nightly show, Lady Ô, is very beautiful, very well done, and closes a ideal day.


A weekend is ideal to discover a part of the Futuroscope park.
Indeed, 6 to 8 attractions seen in a day is a good result.
However, interest is not to make a maximum of attractions but is the result of the choice of your personnal priorities, of the weather, and of the the number of visitors present on the day of your visit.
Beside, the park is also a great place to start a possible visit in the Poitou-Charentes region, including the famous Marais Poitevin.
If you can, we recommend you go there a three days weekend, so that you will enjoy a calmer day. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


A TGV station (Paris-Bordeaux line) directly serves the park.

The center of Poitiers is accessible by train or via the shuttle, lines 9 and E: the pretty town will seduce.

During our two visits, we noticed a few interesting points:

- The Pass Premium is very positive. It avoids you to do the queue line.
We have seen 14 attractions in a day thanks to this.
If you are interested, you need to know that it must be booked at least one or two weeks in advance as its number is very limited for two reasons:
- having too many visitors with it would generate a double file and it would hence lose its advantages;
- the extremely small number of premium pass, daily, does not increase the waiting time for the other visitors.
Note also that to see this many attractions as we did in one day (14) was made possible by the excellence of the park staff. When they see visitors arriving with it near one of the listed attractions (5), they come to you immediately and bring you directly to the entrance of the attraction, leading the queue line.

- The World of Children (attraction No. 5) is very well set-up. For example, water games feature two hot air blowers to dry the children and a water fountain is nearby (bring swimsuits; it is hence not obligatory to take towels bath).

- The park is shaded in many places and it is very nice to go from one attraction to another.

- You will enjoy the architecture of the different buildings everywhere in the park.

- You can ask that all the souvenirs you buy in the park are taken to a shop near the main entrance, that ease your visit.


Avenue Rene Monory, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

- Motorway A10 (Paris-Bordeaux): exit 'Futuroscope' No. 28
- National 10 (Paris-Bordeaux): exit Futuroscope between Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Jaunay-Clan.

N 46°39'48'', E 00°21'43''

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Arthur, the Adventure 4D
Nightly show "Lady Ô"
Park by night
Pictures P. Broage - Copyright © Genius Tour

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