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Gold Beach - D-Day Museum

Domaine(s) : Air & Space

Region : Basse Normandie


The permanent exhibition of the landing at Arromanches was officially opened on June the 5th, 1954 by Rene Coty, President of France.

The museum was built originally on the operations site and you can see the remains a few hundred meters away on the shore.

The museum presents:
- A guided tour (in French, guided tour under reservation for English and German languages) where animated models allow you to have an overview of the historic site,
- A slideshow (duration: 8 minutes; multilingual)
- The hall of the Allies which shows all the nationalities of the countries that made the allied forces,
- A movie theater (duration: 15 minutes; multilingual): movie of the British Admiralty which traces the construction of artificial harbor elements, their one way trip to France accross the Chanel, how they built the harbor in 7 days and then their use.
The shop has many books, videos and various objects.


The museum tour takes approximately 1:15 hour.
The museum is open on schedule available here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Arromanches became particularly famous because of the artificial port that the allies built in 7 days.
To build it, the Allies made floating containers in concrete, the "Phoenix" elements, they sunk them on Arromanches beach.
On June the 14th, the port named "Port Mulberry" was built and the allies landed 9,000 tons of material per day!

The port of the allies built at Arromanches worked mostly for about 100 days.
This enabled them to land 2.5 million people, 500,000 vehicles, 4 million tons of material.
The last week of July 1944, the traffic in the port of Arromanches exceeded 136,000 tons, that is to say 20,000 tons per day.


Place du 6 Juin
14117 Arromanches-les-Bains

Arromanches-les-Bains is located at about 270km from Paris.

From Paris, take the highway A13 to Caen.
From there, take the RN 814 towards Mondeville and join the RN 13 to Sainte-Croix-Grand-Tonne.
From the RN 13, take the exit D82b towards Martragny, Carcagny, Ducy and Sainte-Marguerite.
Take the D35 and the D127 towards Vaussieux; cross Esquay-sur-Seulles then Ryes to reach Arromanches-les-Bains.

N 49°20'24'', O 00°37'16''

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