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Le Clos Luce

Castle of Le Clos Luce, Park Leonardo da Vinci

Domaine(s) : Air & Space

Region : Centre

Picture : House of the Clos Luce


The Clos Luce is the last home of Leonardo da Vinci.
This castle now exposes most of the inventions of the Genius, highlighted by works of art from the Master.
Inventions go from the parachute to the tank, through his famous stairs, built in the castle of Blois by this architect who was also the one of the castle of Chambord.


The Castle and the scenic and audiovisual Hall are open all the year, every day without interruption (except on December the 25th and on January the 1st).
Park Leonardo da Vinci is open daily from March to November. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


At the time of Leonardo da Vinci, the Universal Knowledge was possible : the knowledge of all the humanity known and understood by the same person.
Leonardo da Vinci was among the few scholars to have universal knowledge, in the multiple levels of science and alchemy as well as in those of arts.
When you visit the Clos Luce, you are going to encounter one of the most famous Genius, the other being Einstein.
For lovers of history of technology, it will be interesting to complete the visit of this museum by the the one about the Companionship in Tours and by the one of the fabulous world of Maurice Dufresne.

La Joconde, Mona Lisa, painted per Leonardo da Vinci, is shown in the Museum of Le Louvre in Paris. You can see the painting in the Louvre page accessible here below.


Le Chateau du Clos Luce, Parc Leonard de Vinci, 37400 Amboise

Highway A10, exit Amboise

N 47°25'00'' E 00°58'59''

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Models of the flying man and of the tank made per Leonard de Serres from the maps of Leonard de Vinci

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