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Mining Centre of Faymoreau

Domaine(s) : Geology

Region : Pays de la Loire


The village of Faymoreau participated to the coal mining from 1827 to 1958.

The museum offers you to dive into the world of coal mining.
You will discover the hanging room, so called because this is where the miners hung their helmet, lamp and clothes. Then, you go into the reconstituted galleries where the rough work was done.
The museum tour ends with exhibits, an audiovisual terminal and a working model to explain the use of this fossil energy.

The mining town is shown with an audioguide.
The housing is open to you and it will immerse yourself in its history and memories.

Finally, you can enjoy the audio tour of the 19 Carmelo Zagari contemporary stained glass in the chapel dedicated to minors.
The artist made his tribute to minors and you will enjoy being high in the hills of the spirituality of minors.


The activities offered by the center take: 1:15 to visit the museum, 1:00 for the mining village, 1:00 for windows Carmelo Zagari.

The opening of the mining center hours are available by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The center is labeled Tourism and Handicap and is fully accessible to disabled people.
The museum has also set-up two sensorial visits for the visual impaired people supervised by a facilitator and by reservation for groups of 10 people (1h30).
The movie 'The museum differently' is designed for people with intellectual disabilities (groups of at least 10 people) and shows the site about the life of a minor.

You can contact directly the center to develop projects tailored for people with disabilities.
Admission is free for accompanying adults.

Animations (between 1h15 and 2h depending of the animation) are provided for young audiences, i.e. for children 4/12 years, the 4/7 years or 8/12 years.

Outdoor visits are organized and allow you to discover the last vestiges of the industrial activity in the mining area.

Very family, the museum offers entry to children up to 18 years on the day of their birthday, offer entry to the grandmothers on March the 7th, the grandmothers day accompanied by their grandchildren, to the mothers with their children's the mother's Day, on May the 30th and to the dads with their children's the father's Day on June the 20th.


Centre Minier
La cour
85240 Faymoreau

Faymoreau is located in Vendée in the Pays de la Loire, 45 minutes (32km) at the North of Niort by the D744 and 50 minutes (35km) at the South-East of Parthenay by the D949.

N 46°32'18'', E 00°37'38''

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