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Museum of Bibracte

Domaine(s) : Archeology

Region : Bourgogne


Located at 25km from Autun the heart of the regional park of Morvan, Bibracte is now a major archaeological site.

The archaeological museum was completely renovated in 2013.
You can see there:
- Many archaeological objects,
- Documents,
- Reconstitutions,
- Models,
- Innovative multimedia Tools.
You will discover the history of Bibracte, the end of the Iron Age and the work of archaeologists.

To give you a full taste, you can see directly on the website of the museum two videos:
- "Bibracte Gallic city in Morvan",
-" Bibracte, a Gaulish city enhanced by digital technology": a presentation of digital systems uesd per the museum.


The opening Schedule of the museum and of the archaeological site is accessible by clicking here.

The visit of the site and of the museum takes roughly one and half hour. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The museum is completed by an archaeological research center and a documentation center.

The oppidum of Bibracte was 2000 years ago a political, a religious and an economic center of a vast area that is from the Saone river to the Allier one.

The oppidum was built on the site of the fortified town protected by a 7km long rampart and originally built by the Gallic tribe of the Eduens.

This is where in 52 BC Vercingetorix was proclaimed head of the Gallic coalition against Caesar.
Soon after the Roman conquest, the oppidum was abandoned in favor of a new city, Augustodunum (Autun).


Mont Beuvray
71990 Saint-Leger-sous-Beuvray

Bibracte is located in Burgundy, in Morvan area, on Mount Beuvray on the edge of the Saone-et-Loire and Nievre, in the village of Saint-Leger-sous-Beuvray in Saone-et-Loire at the foot of Mount Beuvray.

From Paris: Take the highway A6, the Porte d'Italie, exit Pouilly-en-Auxois (then Autun, St-Leger-sous-Beuvray Mount Beuvray).

From Lyon: Take the highway A6, exit Chalon-South (then Le Creusot, Etang-sur-Arroux St-Leger-sous-Beuvray Bibracte-Mont Beuvray).

N 46°55'27'', E 04°06'07''

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