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Museum of the Barbaric Times

Archaeological Park of Marle

Domaine(s) : Archeology

Region : Picardie


The site has two focal points:
- The museum,
- The park

The museum has 2 floors
Many tools, models, presentation boards and an audiovisual presentation detail how the searches were conducted.
Jewelry in gold, platinum and bronze found at the archaeological site are also presented, as well as cover sarcophagus and carved steles.

The park is 4 hectares wide.
You can visit the Franc village that is totally rebuilt and the farm which borders the Merovingian village as well rebuilt as the village, under the supervision of a scientific committee.
The little town contains many buildings, two barns on stilts, many cabins, a well, and of course an enclosure fence.

The archaeological garden is under development: its goal is to show you the plants, vegetables, grains and fruit trees that were known in the High Middle Age.
For example, you will find barley and spelled, flax and hemp, as well as herbs such as tansy (toxic with high doses, it has properties anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and antihistamine) and dye plants such as woad (reseda luteola).

Working as a time-machine, the park will take you back to this old age and the attraction generated by its many activities will take you all the day long!
Activities are:
- The presentation of a domestic oven,
- The hearth,
- The bakery,
- Natural dyes,
- Weaving,
- The size of the stone,
- Pottery,
- The Forge,
- The launch of axes, ...


The parc and the museum are open following the schedule accessible by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Located in an old mill of the 12th century in the river "La Serre" in Marle in the department of Aisne, the museum focuses on the Merovingian period (6th and 7th centuries AD).

Following the discovery in 1980 of a sarcophagus lid by the farmer Gabriel Renard, the Merovingian necropolis Goudelancourt-les-Pierrepont has been completely excavated by archaeologists from the GRAC voluntary association.
Thereafter, Merovingian habitats, a farm and many objects were discovered.

The museum of the Barbaric Times was inaugurated in 1991.

The park is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
The museum being at the first and at second floor are not accessible to wheelchair users.


Moulin de Marle, 02250 Marle

Marle is located at 70km at the North of Reims and at 43km at the East of Saint-Quentin

From Reims: Take the highway A26 towards Laon, Calais, Lille and Brussels.
At exit 13, take the N2 towards Maubeuge, Marle and Vervins to reach Marle at 16km away.

From Saint-Quentin, take to theEast towards Harly.
Then take the N29 towards Maubeuge, Charleville-Mezieres, Homblieres Origny-Sainte-Benoite and Guise
Cross Mont-d'Origny, Origny-Sainte-Benoite, Landifay-et-Bertaignemont then Faucouzy before reaching Marle.

From Charleville-Mezieres, at 79km: Take the N43 to the West.
Cross Lonny, Sormonne, continue on the D978 and then on the D946 to cross Montcornet.
Continue still 17km with the D946 after Montcornet to reach Marle.

N 49°44'24'', E 03°46'17''

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Photo Musee des Temps Barbares