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Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Domaine(s) : Botanics

Region : Monaco

Museum, Sharks - Photos Copyright Genius Tour


The Aquarium of Monaco is breathtaking by the beauty of the ecosystems that are reproduced.
90 tanks offer to your eyes the mysteries of the Mediterranean and tropical seas.
Over 6,000 specimens show 350 species of fish. Added to this population, 200 species of invertebrates and 100 species of tropical corals dazzle you with their colors.


The museum is open every day except the day of the Grand Prix of Formula 1. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Ecosystems are so well put in place that fish, unique behavior so registered, reproduce them in the aquarium.

The shark lagoon will impress you with her 6 meters deep and 400 000 liters, from which you are separated by a window of 30 centimeters thick!

Then, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is a fabulous research center of the aquatic world, particularly in the areas of reproduction, water treatment, marine diseases, maintenance techniques of marine organisms, and the study of corals.

At last, the Oceanographic Museum is involved in the conservation of marine wildlife. This why it applies its research to repopulate degraded coral reefs.

To lunch, enjoy the restaurants that are in the pretty streets of the old city.


Avenue Saint-Martin, 98000 Monaco

To reach the Aquarium and to the old city, the simplest solution if you are by car is to parc by the car parc Chemin des Pecheurs located 4, Avenue Saint-Martin.

N 43°43'51'' E 07°25'29''

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Museum, a street in the old city - Photos Copyright Genius Tour

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