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Omaha Beach Memorial and Museum

Domaine(s) : Air & Space

Region : Basse Normandie

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The goal of the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum is to preserve the memory and respect of all those who died to liberate France.

In a 1200 square meter wide area, the museum shows inside exhibitions and vehicles outside.

You will see inside:
- Many documents and maps through thematic panels, which cover the period from the German occupation until the OverLord landing,
- A Topolino car that served in the German army,
- Many reconstructions of American and German scenes with vehicles, mannequins dressed in their uniforms and many military and civilian objects,
- A reconstruction of the landing beach,
- A film that closes the visit and presents the testimony of many American veterans who tell the landing at Omaha Beach.

Outside, you will see:
- A U.S. Sherman tank,
- A 155mm American Tom gun,
- A 20mm German gun,
- A floating bridge,
- A barrier "COINTET" also known as "Belgian fence".


Plan at least 2 hours for your visit.
The museum opening hours are available by clicking here.
Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Omaha Beach is one of the five landing beaches that were used in Normandy on June the 6gth, 1944.

Assigned to the Americans armies, Omaha Beach is where the Allies suffered the most fierce German resistance.
That is why this beach was nicknamed Bloody Omaha.

U.S. war leaders were Omar Bradley, Norman Cota and Clarence Huebner;
German commanders were Kraiss Dietrich and Wilhelm Richter.

The divisions present there were the 29th U.S. Infantry Division, the 1st U.S. Infantry division (a total of 34,250 men, including 1,000 killed, 2,000 wounded and missing) and the 352nd and the 716th German infantry divisions (unknown number of losses)

.The website accessible here below gives you the details of the attack that took place at Omaha Beach on D-day during Overlord Operation.

At 200 m from the Omoha beach in the area of Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, the Memorial Museum of Omaha Beach honours since 28 years soldiers who came on our beaches to free us. With its pictures, explanations and scenes, you will be send in the heart of the history of these events.

Visit allows you tyo follow in a chronological order the war events.
A 25 minutes movie shows you facts and courage of men and women who came to free us.

All shown objects are authentical.

The museum and the movie can be seen per children.


Les Moulins
Avenue de la Liberation
14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer

Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer is located at the North West of Bayeux, between the Pointe du Hoc and Arromanches.
From Bayeux, take the RN 13 to the West towards Formigny and Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer.

At Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, take the D517 to the North to reach the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum.

Omaha Beach is located at 12 km of the East of Utah Beach.
It is along the villages of Vierville-sur-Mer on the West, Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer in the center and Colleville-sur-Mer and Le Grand Hameau at the East.

N 49°22'08'', O 00°52'07''

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