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Park of Clères

Zoo and Botanical Garden

Domaine(s) : Botanics

Region : Haute Normandie


The park has many animals such as:
- The red and white gibbons,
- The Maki Catta,
- The Red-Necked Wallaby,
- The antelopes cervicapre,
- The muntjac Reeves,
- The Lapland owls, pheasants Edwards, pelicans,
- The Chilean flamingos, blue peacocks,
- The bald ibis, red and sacred,
- Many species of cranes,
- Many species of hornbill,
- Many species of Tragopan, touracos and macaws.

In addition to the animals, you can enjoy the English gardens dating from the 19th century.


The park is open on schedule available here.

The park hosts many events. The list is available by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Cleres is a member of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and contributes to the conservation of endangered species.
Via EAZA, the park participates in EEP (Europeans Breeding Programs) which are represented by gifts of eggs Manchurian cranes and ibises. The eggs are donated to grassroots organizations that aim to reintroduction or enhanced population of these endangered species.

The park conducts scientific research based on epidemiological studies and the development of additional tests to improve the quality of diagnosis and prevention of disease in birds.

The School of the Park of Clères offers activities for all scholar levels, from kindergarten to university, through vocational training, courses, educational workshops, conferences on the topic of natural sciences, environment and conservation of biodiversity.

The park offers downloadable online educational materials on the page accessed by clicking here (in French).


Avenue du parc
76690 Cleres

Clères is located in Haute Normandie, at 29km at the North of Rouen.

From Rouen, take the A150 motorway and the A151 in the direction of Fécamp, Le Havre, Malaunay, Dieppe, then at the Montville exit, follow the signs "Parc de Clères" and take the D47, then the N27 and the D6.

From Paris, take the A13 then the A151. Then follow the same route as above.

From Caen, take the A13 then the A29. From the Val output Saâne follow Clères.

Access by bus: line 29 of the departmental network.
Access by train: reginal line (TER) Rouen-Dieppe ; stop by Clères

N 49°36'00'' E 01°07'00''

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