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Pic du Midi

Domaine(s) : Astronomy

Region : Midi-Pyrénées


The altitude of the the Pic du Midi is 2877m.
The way by cable car takes 15 minutes.
At the exit you can then see the most beautiful panorama of the Pyrenees.

On site you will see:
- The exceptional panorama,
- The museum area, which has many observation instruments and offers a movie about the scientific history of the site, allowing you to see the Baillaud dome, the coronagraph for observing the solar corona, and the Bernard Lyot telescope that still scans deeply the wide sky of the night.

Scientific fields studied at the Pic du Midi are of course the astronomy, but also the climatology, the air study (study of the electric field, measurements of ozone, chemistry of rains) to follow the evolution of the atmosphere.


The the visit is estimated to take 2 hours.

The Pic du Midi is open at the following schedule:
- In January: Closed all Tuesdays,
- In February and March: open daily,
- In April: closed from Monday the 11th to Friday the 29th
- in May: Closed all Tuesdays,
- in June and July: open daily,
- In August and September: open daily,
- From October to December: annual closure from October the 17th to December the 4th, December 4.
- Re-opening on Monday, December the 5th

Starting schedules by cable car from La Mongie to access the site of the Pic du Midi are:
- From October to May: from 10h00 to 15h30. The last back is at 17:30.
- From June to September: from 09:00 to 16:30. The last back is at 19:00. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Cover you: it can snow even in summer.
The average of the highest monthly temperature measured in August is 11.1°C.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended.
The site is not recommended for pregnant women, children under 3 years old and people with heart risks.

Pets are prohibited on the site.

The Baillaud dome celebrated its centenary in 2007: it is the emblematic example of the meeting of the history of science and the continued exploration of the sky and its events in a superb site classified as a natural park.

Events are organized on the site of the observatory.
You can get all the information at the +33(0) 825 00 2877 (0.15? all charges/min) on the vocal server of the Pic du Midi.
Information about the weather are also given.

The operation of the cable can be interrupted at any time depending on weather conditions for visitor safety.This is why it is also recommended to take medicines if you currently follow a treatment.


65200 La Mongie, Bagneres-de-Bigorre

Located not far from Bagneres-de-Bigorre, the Pic du Midi is accessible by a cable located in La Mongie.

GPS coordinates of the Pic du Midi: N 42°56'11'', E 00°08'34 '
GPS coordinates of La Mongie: N 42°54'37'', E 00°10'46''

Details on the accessibility to La Mongie is available by clicking here.

La Mongie : N 42°54'37'', E 00°10'46''

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