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Domaine(s) : City

Region : Poitou-Charentes


The city of Rochefort sur Mer can be presented as the shipyards of the 18th century, by the construction of the Hermione, the frigate of La Fayette,
as an industrial center focused on the areas of aircraft construction, rubber, injection plastic and composite materials, metallurgy and precision engineering
and as the capital of the begonia.


To visit Rochefort allow to understand how from her past the city fully comes in the 21st century with its high-tech industries, all in an ideal site as capital of the begonia!

Take the time to visit the city to discover the casket in which are placed the Royal Rope, the Site ot the Hermione Ship, or the National Museum of the Sea.
Two half-days allow to enjoy the museums. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


7 economic and industrial zones are around Rochefort.
La Pree Horticole, horticultural area, which is in an area of 40 hectares is located at the south of the city.
The three industrial zones are ZI de l'Arsenal (SOGERMA ZODIAC) ZI des Soeurs, and the Zone du Pont Neuf & Port
The two areas of activity are the ZA de Beligon and finally the ZA des pecheurs d'Islande (ZA of the fishermen of Iceland) which is being expanded.


17300 Rochefort

In addition to the House of Pierre Loti, naval officer
141 Rue Pierre Loti, 17300 Rochefort
Locations linked to the world of the ocean in Rochefort are the four followings (2 locations per link).

N 45°55'59'' O 00°58'59''

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