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Safari of Peaugres

Domaine(s) : Zoos, Farms & Vivariums

Region : Rhône-Alpes

Photo : Safari de Peaugres - AISM3d


A part of the park is to be visited by car, the second one by foot.
Circuit by car will allow you to see many animals, including:
- Elephants,
- The white rhinoceros,
- Giraffes,
- Camels, Watussi cattle, ostriches and zebras,
- Hippos,
- American black bears and polar bears,
- Buffalo,
- Yaks and nilgai (antelope from India).

The walking tour will allow you to cross many animals such as:
- Red pandas, endangered specy,
- Przewalski Horses,
- Macaws,
- Maned wolves,
- Many snakes and lizards in the vivarium,
- Many primates such as tamarins, marmosets , squirrel monkeys, or red ruffed lemurs from Madagascar ...
- The glass tunnel that allows you to approach the lions and tigers safely but impressively
- You will also see a kind which completely disappeared in the wild, the deers of Vietnam.


Allow half a day to a full day to enjoy the trip that this safari gives you.
Two picnic areas are located, along nearby a restaurant and a playground for children.

The park is open from early February to mid November by detailed schedule available click here.

Planning events 2011 is:
- Vet'zoo: April the 2nd & 3rd: Discover the facets of the veterinary profession in a zoo;
- Stories of eggs: from April the 23rd to the 25th: Easter Weekend at the zoo;
- Gitaki?! : on May the 21st & the 22nd: Explore the new 5000m? space dedicated to biodiversity of the Ardeche region;
- Trainer at the Safari of Peaugres: an exciting job! : on September the 10th & 11th: Discover the secrets of this work so versatile;
- Delicious insects: on October the 8th & 9th: an unusual discovery;
- Yes for naughty not nice! : on October the 29th & 30th: discover the usefulness of these animals. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The park participates in programs to protect animals, whose European Breeding Program for endangered species, such as for
- Deers of Vietnam,
- Rothschild giraffes,
- Bongos,
- Oryx,
- Red pandas,
- Pinchas tamarins,
- Black headed saimiri.

The petting zoo is very popular for children.

The park is accssible for the wheelchairs. However you may note that the park is on a slope and it is therefore necessary to provide someone to push the chair.
Visits are organized for disable children (motor, deaf and dumb, blind, .. .) or for sick children by the association 'Friends of Safari', whose website is available by clicking hereand whose address is:
Friends of Safari
c/o L'Olympic
123 route de Vienne
69008 Lyon


Montanet, 07340 Peaugres

Access by car: from the highway A7 (from Lyon or Marseille), take the exit 'Chanas', then the RD820 towards Annonay.
The park is located at 45 minutes at the South of Lyon and at 2 hours at the North of Marseille.

N 45°16'43'', E 04°43'16''

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Site internet officiel :

Photo : Safari de Peaugres - AISM3d