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Sainte Marie-aux-Mines

Domaine(s) : City

Region : Alsace


Located in a beautiful valley, Sainte Marie-aux-Mines is the ideal location for the world of geology.
This is why the event EURO-MINERAL & EURO-GEM will be held there from June the 23rd to the 26, 2011.


A day is needed to visit, buy, bargain, or just picture the pieces that will be presented.

The ideal is to spend the weekend to take the opportunity to visit the 15th century mines there.

Book the hotel in advance if you choose this option! Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The exhibition has two parts:
- EURO-MINERAL or, From the Earth to the Collection, where the minerals and fossils are presented by over 650 exhibitors coming from 60 countries
- EURO-GEM or From the Rwa Rock to the Jewelry, where the gems and jewelry are put in the light by 300 exhibitors.


68160 Sainte Marie-aux-Mines

Sainte Marie-aux-Mines is located only at 22km from Selestat and is at the crossroads of the N59 and D48.
The Urbeis silver mine is located at less than 30km (through Lesseux from Sainte Marie-aux-Mines)
Then you can continue your journey to Grandfontaine to find the iron mine of the Framont, located 45km away from Sainte Marie-aux-Mines or at 31km from Urbeis.

N 48°14'51'', E 07°11'05''

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