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The Great Natural Park of Prehistory

Domaine(s) : Archeology

Region : Picardie


Created by the General Council of the Somme around prehistoric vestiges, the 30 hectares of the Samara park,depict pedagogically discoveries made since the 19th century.
Interest of the park is to restore the lives of our ancestors through several major stages:
Prehistory :
- Several types of habitat are reconstructed such as the tent of the upper Paleolithic and the home of the Neolithic (5000 BC),
- The flint,
- Pottery,
- Weaving,
- Woodworking,
- The work of blacksmithing,
- Basketry,

Then our ancestors the Gauls are presented over a period of 500-100 BC:
- The house Gallic is thus presented as research INRAP were able to show during preventive research in the area of Amiens,

Exhibition hall
Building 1200m ² of highly original shape has two permanent exhibitions:
- The prehistoric scenes,
- 600,000 years of history in Somme

Experiments archaeological
This is an area where researchers conduct experiments. For example, in 2013 they made three pottery kilns copied from discoveries made in Arras and its surrounding areas.
In 2014 was to restore ovens Gallic salt, which the experiment took place on June the 1st, 2014 at the housewarming of the Gallic house.

The arboretum has more than 80 tree species in Europe and elsewhere. For example, you can see an example of the oldest tree species alive on the planet : the ginkgo

The maze
Located in the heart of the arboretum. You will appreciate to lose you inside. Menhirs arranged , structured on a symbolic theme of a man facing a sea monster.

Spread over 5.5 hectares, it consists of former peating pits and provides an observatory of fauna and flora of great wealth . It is preserved by the Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives (EIPC) of the Somme Valley (Clic here to access to the site of the EIPC association.The circuit tour includes 7 steps that match with the evolution of the marsh and to its different stages of filling .

Oppidum La Chaussee-Tirancourt or location of " Caesar Camp" is one of the most remarkable fortified camps in northern France.
Used when Caesar was in Gaul, it could contain up to several thousand men with their baggage and their herds. (Amiens in Caesar's time was called Samarobriva.)
Three viewpoints were installed on the oppidum you can discover as you walk on the trail of the valley Acon .
The space of the oppidum also has animations and reconstructions of the time.


Samara Park is open following the planing visible by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Guided tours: Wednesdays, weekends and every day during school holidays
Many activities are planned for groups, whether or not school
Go directly to Samara website (here below) to see details. (One possibility is to pre-book online for groups).


Chemin de Saint-Sauveur, 80310 La Chaussee-Tirancourt

La Chaussee-Tirancourt is located a few kilometers at the North-West of Amiens.
From Amiens, take the direction of Abbeville via the N1 and then via the D1001.
Then take the direction of Saint-Sauveur, then the D191 towards La Chaussee-Tirancourt.
The site is located between Samara Saint-Sauveur and La Chaussee-Tirancourt in the extension of the Rue Roger Salengro (coming from Amiens) and before the Rue d’Amiens.

N 49°56’47’’, E 02°10’43’’

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