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Animal & Recreation Park

Domaine(s) : Zoos, Farms & Vivariums

Region : Auvergne


PAL combines two activities on its 23 hectares and offers a unique moment:
- 25 attractions are in place, such as a roller coaster, a 3D dynamic movie theater or simply a yesteryear carousel,
- A theme park that shows more than 500 animals representing many species including several endangered species.
You will then be able to contemplate:
- Red pandas from Asia
- Brown bears,
- Elephants,
- Giraffes,
- Tigers,
- Many monkeys,
- Birds of prey


Plan a full day, and possibly two days.

The detailed planning of opening of the park is accessible by clicking here.

Some animations last three hours, such as the participation in the care of animals (elephant shower, lunch of the monkeys ...). Reservations are mandatory at least one month in advance with the park directly (+33 (0)4-70-42-07-07).

In July and August, you can also visit the scenes of the park.

On Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays (excluding closures of the park) are deemed to be less crowded, and hence you can have a visit more comfortable. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


In the zoo, you will be able to visit the nursery of the birds.

Animal shows are organized by the park, such as:
- The theater of parrots,
- The ballet of the sea lions ,
- Birds of prey.
At last, daily, from May to September and weekends in April, you can watch the lunches of the animals (wolves, penguins, otters from Asia, gibbons, sea lions, elephants, hippos and giraffes).

With programs of protection of endangered species, the park participats to the followings:
- Kalaweit: protection of gibbons and siamangs,
- Sanccob: protection of penguins in South Africa,
- Protecting of the elephants of the Sri Lanka

Two picnic areas are present in the park in addition to restaurants, snacks, sandwich shops and bars.
It is possible to rent strollers.


Le PAL, Saint-Pourcain-sur-Besbre
03290 Dompierre-sur-Besbre

Dompierre-sur-Besbre is at the East of Moulins (direction Yzeure, Montbeugny then Dompierre (RN79 to the East)) or between the highway A71 (exits 11 or 12 towards the PAL / Macon or Saint-Pourcain-sur-Sioule) and A6 (exits 26 or 29 towards Moulins), or again at the North of Clermont-Ferrand (take the A71).

N 46°30'50'', E 03°37'36''

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