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The Pass

Scientific Adventure Park

Domaine(s) : Ecology

Region : Belgique

To the discovery of the Pass ©Pass-S.Brison


The Pass is a fun and interactive museum of science and hosts events and exhibitions for all ages, from toddlers to ...wisers.
It is built on the Crachet mine site, a former colliery, rehabilitated by architect Jean Nouvel

The park is composed of different exhibitions and attractions

- The Pass'erelle (means, The Bridge) with its interactive space "Science Games".

- The children's Street and its "Space adventurers" for the 6-12 year olds: exhibits on sports, inventions and materials connected by a tree-climbing fun course.

For the youngests, the workshop site and the "Portraits" exhibition, and in addition, planned for 2015, a dedicated space for 3-7 years old.

- The "Belvedere" is dedicated to the memory of coal exposure, "Grenier stories". Access at the top of the chassis wheels (see picture) allows a panoramic view of the region.

- Palace Pictures and its movie about water, projected on 5 giant screens, and H2O exhibition.

- Exhibition Hangar with "Antarctica", "My body, my health" and "Genetics, life decoded?", but also workshops animations: a TV studio, a robot workshop, a cyber'espass and 2 laboratories.

- Outside, Garden Adventures and its observatories points, from the pond to weather through the levers and gears.
Real landscape inviting adventure and exploration, you will be able to climb a heap that 70 meters high (alone, with a guide or with Mobil'Ici, a multimedia guide).


To access to the opening schedule, click here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Buildings remind the regional history of mines. The architectural project has been designed by Jean Nouvel.

The plan given to visitors at the entrance gives the levels of accessibility of exhibitions, one per one.
Most areas are accessible to disabled people.
The information is also given on the plan for accessibility for the visually impaired, deaf or mentally impaired persons.

Restaurants and other facilities are provided.
Pets are not allowed in the park.

Specific offers are available for school groups, ranging from kindergarten to high school.
Themes can then be chosen by teachers, such as chemistry, weather or nature.


Pass, Parc d'aventures scientifiques, 3 rue de Mons, B-7080 Frameries, Belgique

The PASS is located in Frameries, in Hainaut, 7 km from Mons and 75 km from Brussels or Lille.

- By car: Coming from Belgium, take the E19 Brussels-Paris and take the exit Framerie - The Pass.
From France, take the motorway Brussels-Mons, then eth exit Frameries, the Pass.

- By train and bus : stop at Mons train station (6 km) then take the bus Tec Hainaut lines 1 and 2.
Note that you could get a B-excursion package which can be interesting depending on your project: ask SNCB (Train company) to know more about it.

N 50°22'58'' E 03°52'58''

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