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Domaine(s) : Ecology

Region : Bourgogne


Touroparc offers three very different activities:
- A zoo,
- An amusement park,
- A museum

The zoo shows you with its 12 hectares more than 800 animals spread over more than 140 species, including:
- Wolves,
- Lions of Africa,
- White tigers,
- Bears of coconut,
- Zebras,
- Giraffes,
- Elephants,
- Bennett wallabies,
- Numerous birds like macaws, cockatoos, ibises, flamingos or even emus,
- Chimpanzees, marmosets white forelock and Lowland Gorilla West,
- Reptiles, such as boas, pythons, giant Aldabra tortoises and lizards.

The park presents many activities such as Amazon' Adventure, rides and water games (open from June the 29th to September the 1st).

Finally, the museum presents the works of our ancestors in a very original scene setting: a village place has been restored and the know-how of our ancestors are presented in thirty shops around it.
You will see agricultural machinery, a classroom and many tools, lace, precious and semi-precious rocs in the hotel of mines.


The park is open on schedule available here (pdf file) Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Admission is free for children under 3 years.

Pets are not allowed inside the park.


400 rue du Parc
Maison Blanche
71570 Romaneche-Thorins

Touroparc is located along the A6 motorway between Lyon and Macon.

From the North, take exit Mâcon South then the N6 towards Lyon.
From the South, exit at Belleville then take the N6 towards Macon.

Arrived at Romanèche-Torins, follow the signs.

N 46°10'59'' E 04°43'59''

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