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Tropical Park

Domaine(s) : Botanics

Region : Bretagne


The park opens you its 4.5 hectares and its 1000sqm of air conditioned.
You will enjoy the free animals and the greenhouses.
You will see:
- The Mexican garden,
- The African garden,
- Vietnamese parks,
- The Animal Park,
- The park of the donkeys,
- The duck pond,
- The musical home,
- The greenhouse of orchids,
- The Asian greehouse,
- The aviary of Aras,
- The large aviary with the rainbow parrots,
- The cacti,
- The carp Kai,
- The Thai garden,
- The pagoda,
- The walabis, alpacas and goats,
- The aviary cranes,
- The Rose Garden,
- Minerals.


The opening Schedule of the park is accessible by clicking here.

Shows are also organized: Click on the above link to see details and planning. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The park is accessible to disable persons.

Access is prohibited to outside animals (pets, ...)


56220 Saint-Jacut-les-pins

St. Jacut-les-Pins is located at 74km at the south of Rennes and at 13km at the west of Redon.
From Rennes, take the D125 then the D177 towards Saint-Nazaire / Guichen / Redon / Rennes-Saint-Jacques / Industrial Zone Haie des Cognets.
cross Redon.
From Redon, drive westward via the D764 and cross La Gras.
Then continue on the D153 and D14 before arriving to Saint-Jacut-les-pins.
Follow the signs to reach the park.

N 47°41'10'', O 02°12'51''

Site internet officiel :