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Zoo of La Barben

Domaine(s) : Ecology

Region : Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Rendez-vous with animal therapist
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It is the biggest zoo of the region.
More than 500 animals spread on more 100 species live in the 33 hectares wide area.

The interest of the park is also increased by its building.
For instance, at the entrance, the sheepfold that has been built in the 12th century, which hosts crocodiles, snakes,...

Amongst the other species that are shown to the visitor, you will be able to see:
- Vultures,
- Great apes,
- Tigers,
- Lions,
- Bears,
- Zebras,
- Panthers,
- Gazelles and Springboks Antelopes,
- Wolves,
- Elephants,
- Giraffes,
- Hippos,
- and of race the emblematic animal of the park, the white Rhinoceros.


The zoo is open followinf the information displayed in the page visible by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


The park is accessible to disabled persons (note: there are 10% slopes).
Restoration facilities and picnic areas are set-up, as well as playgrounds for children.
A little train runs (only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays off-peak).

Shows such as birds of prey are organized by the zoo (from April the 1st to November the 11th).
Educational workshops can be set-up by appointment, and "rendez-vous with animal therapists" are organized, and the animator will explain to you how the species he is taking care of live, how are their behavior, and what are their threats (from March to November).

The zoo actively participates in preservation species programs.
This is why it works also for European breeding programs (EEP), focused on the white rhinoceros, or, since 2011, on the Somali wild donkeys as there are only a few hundred animals that are still present.

It is also member of the AFdPZ (French Association of Zoo Parks).

Pets are not allowed in the park.


Route du chateau
13330 La Barben

The zoo is located in the village of La Barben at 6 km at the Est of Salon-de-provence, between Pelissanne and Saint-Cannat, near the highway A7 (exit Salon - Chateau de La Barben), at 47 km at the North of Marseille.

N 43°37'29'', E 05°12'18''

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