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ZooPark of Beauval

Domaine(s) : Botanics

Region : Centre

Giraffes, rhinos, ...
Humboldt penguins during their meal
credit photo : Genius Tour - April 2013


With its 4,000 animals spread over an area of over 26 hectares, the Zoo of Beauval is among the finest zoos in the world.
One-hour long shows allow you to see birds of prey flying around you and sea lions, from March the 25th to mid November.
The four greenhouses are:
- The tropical greenhouse of birds,
- The tropical greenhouse of monkeys,
- The tropical resort, with a height of 13m with suspended paths and with the basin of manatees,
- And the australian greenhouse with its koalas and arboreal kangaroos!

Finally, the tropical aquarium put you in the midst of over 1,500 colorful fish.
Discover the asian plain.
On 2.5 new hectares, along a wooden walkway on stilts, you will meet rare animals, such that:
- Indian rhinoceros,
- Tapirs white-backed,
- Asian antelopes.
You will end your walk in a grove where monkeys and birds finish to disorient you.


To spend a day in the zoo is not superfluous: the zoo has numerous animals and several attractions that last one hour each.
It is better to arrive at the opening (9 a.m.) because there are fewer people and it is possible to see the trainers at work.

When there are many people, it is advised to make the journey from the end to the start. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


Each year new animals enrich the zoo.
Thus the elephants arrived in 2003, followed by the establishment of the vivarium with alligators in 2004. The okapi in 2005 then the Panthers, piranhas, langurs of java, beautiful little monkeys, and wild donkeys in 2006 have preceded the anteaters and the colony of 70 penguins who arrived in 2007.

The zoo is accessible to disable persons (label 'Tourism & Handicap')


ZooParc de Beauval, 41110 Saint-Aignan

Saint-Aignan is located in Sologne, at 45 km from Blois or at 60km from Tours (N76).
By train then taxi or by ... bicycle! : Saint-Aignan-Noyers train station, line Vierzon-Tours. The zoo is 7km away from the train station.

N 47°14'51'', E 01°21'13''

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Giant panda, red panda, Storks
credit photo : Genius Tour - April 2013