Shooting star

It is a very small object that enters in the atmosphere and that burns due to the friction against the air at about 100 kilometers of altitude. A luminous streak appears then in the sky.
The speed of shooting stars has been measured to reach until 210,000 km per hour !
Some periods are very interesting for their observation : from the 20th of July until the 20th of August, we can see the Perseids.
This can be explained because the orbit of the Earth around the Sun cross clouds of dusts. On Summer, shotting stars seem, via a perspective effect, coming from the constellation of Persee.
For this event, numerous local feasts take place in France, under the name ''La Nuit des Etoiles''.
ScienceVoyage participates to many of them. You con see our page dedicated to them in the link here present.
See meteorit, orbit

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