Niaux Cave

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Niaux is as beautiful as Lascaux.
Workmanship, quality of the preservation and scale give to the site its exceptional interest.

The Niaux cave is nearly 3km long.
You will travel 800 meters into the cave with a portable lamp (light are not present in the cave).
Just before arriving at the Salon Noir (The Black Lounge), you will see an explanation about the numerous geometrical signs that are present. They obvisouly have a meaning but it still remains a mystery.

At the Salon Noir, you can contemplate the room that contains 80 % of the animal figures of the cave.

You will be able to see:
- Bisons,
- Horses,
- Ibex,
- Deers,
all grouped in panels.

The cave has been extensively studied since 1906.
A major discovery is about the Clastres Network, which is a more than one kilometer long gallery and which is only accessible by diving.
This network has delivered more than 500 human footprints and five animal drawings: three bisons, a horse and a weasel, unique representation of this animal in the prehistoric rock art.
Drawings on the ground are very strongly present in the cave of Niaux.
This technique is very rare and specific to the Pyrenees.
Niaux contains the most copies, and as the other galleries, the one of the Salon Noir has many.
The repésentations are those of :
- Bisons,
- Horses,
- Ibex,
- Aurochs , but also the two famous salmons,
- The "bison aux cupules" drawn around natural holes.
These engravings, particularly fragile, can not be approached. However, it is possible to admire them as they were reproduced in the Prehistoric Park, like paintings and the prints of the Dune of the Clastres Network.

09400 Niaux

The cave is located at the exit of Tarascon-sur-Ariege, in the village of Niaux.

N 42°49'00'' E 01°34'59''

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The tour takes about 1h30 long.
Opening hours of the cave are available by clicking here.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

Warning: Advance booking is essential!
Phone: +33 (0)
info @ (take off the spaces from this email add if you need to use it)

Pets are not allowed on the site.

The site is not accessible to people in wheelchairs.
Provide walking shoes and warm clothes.
The site is not suitable for young children (under 5 years): prefer the Prehistoric Park in Tarascon-sur-Ariege in this case (located at 8km away from the cave).

Above the reception building are two exhibitions that describe the place:
- The history of the cave,
- The Magdalenian Ariege.
The space is completed by a gift shop.
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