Sainte-Croix Animal Park


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The park is divided into several areas and among all the animals you will meet:
- The world of ponds, where you will see beavers, turtles, pelicans, cormorants and waders or storks,
- The forest of the carnivores which will reveal some of its inhabitants, such as red fox, wild cats and lynx,
- Stories of wolves, where in addition of this predator to what you will come across aurochs, horses and owls,
- The far North, with its arctic foxes, the beautiful snowy owls, reindeer and arctic wolves,
- The Invisible people of our forests, where squirrels, black storks and wood genilottes will delight you,
- The Bear Valley, also inhabited by lynx, vultures and marmots,
- The place of the slab, where deers, deer sheeps rub owls,
- The imported animals, where you will see the European and American bisons.

This list is not exhaustive.

Animations are also done, such as:
- The journey bare foot where you will find very funny feelings (showers for the feet are managed to close this funny visit)

Parc Animalier Sainte-Croix, 57810 Rhodes

Rhodes is at 60km at the Northeast of Nancy.
From Nancy, take the RN74 then in Moyenvic the D955 and finally the D91 to the North towards Sarre-Union.

N 48°46'07'', E 06°53'50''

Click here to see the route (on a new tab)

The park is open during the hours available by clicking here.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

Many activities are also done in the park, such as:
- Bubo the Owl,
- Noah's Ark,
- Several playgrounds,
- A little train,
- Logigrouille.

A picnic area in addition of the restaurants will allow you to spend a very pleasant time in the park.

Note for teachers that educational programs are created for the kindergartens, elementary, middle & high schools.
Documents are available to teachers on the website of the park by clicking here.

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