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The animals are in several areas:

Mammals, including:
- Wallabies,
- Douroucouli,
- Peccaries,
- Muntjacs,
- Jaguarundi,
- Gibbons with white hands
- Raccoons,
- Canadian beavers, flying opossums ...

Birds, including:
- Parrots,
- Pheasants, peacocks, ducks, geese, swans,
- Passerine,
- Kookaburas,
- Keas,
- Raptors,
-the Australian aviary ...

Reptiles, including:
- Snakes (boas, pythons, ...),
- Lizards (geckos, chameleons, .. .)
- Turtles (with red temples, yellow temples, from Florida or alligator turtles, ...)

Amphibians, including:
- Pacman frog,
- Toad with body of fire ...

Invertebrates, including:
- Ants,
- Tarantulas ...

The mini farm, with chickens, goats, pigs, turkeys and geese.

Spaycific'zoo, 72700 Spay

Spaycific'zoo is located at 10 km from Le Mans.

GPS Coordinates of the park : N 47°55'15'', E 00°8'22''

To reach the zoo from Le Mans, take the following way : At the exit South of Le Mans, take the D1475 at Arnage, then the D323 & the N23 direction to Angers, La Fleche, Spay. Take the exit Angers, Saumur, La Fleche, Allones, Spay direction to Spay, then the D51.

N 47°55'15'', E 00°08'22''

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The zoo is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The zoo has several particularities:
- The zoo has an area that shows the night life of the animals thanks to a shifted cycle of the day.
- Many animals have been chosen because they are rarely proposed by other animal parks: the goal of the game is to increase animal diversity offered at the sight of visitors.

Activities are:
- 14:30: pelicans,
- 15:30: porcupines
- 16:30 snakes.
Warning: entertainment schedules are subject to change.

For school groups, contact directly the zoo.

At last, specific events for children are also planned: a show of puppets, games, questions & answers ...

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