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Villars caves were only discovered recently, in 1953.

Firstly, the forests of stalagmites and stalactites in these 13km long corridors will do the reputation of the cave.

5 years later, the cave paintings are discovered.
These date from the same period as those of Lascaux or the prints of the cave of the sorcerer and are 17,000 years old. They date from the Magdalenian time.

Lieu dit 'Le Cluzeau', 24530 Villars

Villars is located near Brantome (at the intersection of the D82 and the D98).
From Brantome on the D675, after Champagnac de Belair, take the D82 at the right towards Villars.

N 45°25'17'', E 00°45'21''

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The tour of the cave lasts 45 minutes.
The video lasts 20 minutes.

The site has the label 'Tourism and Hearing or Mental Impairment'.
The cave is not accessible to the wheelchairs.

The cave is open daily from April the 1st to November the 11th:
- In April, May, June & September: from 10:00 to 12:00 (last tour starts at 11.30) and from 14.00 19:00 (last tour starts at 18.30);
- In July and August: from 10:00 to 19:30 (last tour starts at 19:00);
- In October & November: from 14:00 to 18:30 (last tour starts at 18:00).

Only small dogs that can be carried are allowed.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

600 meters from the cave are open to visitors.
During your stay in the 5 rooms, you will enjoy watching the paintings that are naturally preserved for visitors.
Indeed, a thin transparent film of calcite gives a very special blue aspect.

For school groups, it is particularly interesting to know that a toolkit could be sent by the guides to teachers who come for a visit.
Thus, before the visit, a video animation explains how the cavity was formed and how prehistoric art was made.

At the exit of the cave are installed:
- A picnic area,
- A playground for children,
- Footpaths.

The average temperature is generally about 13°C in the cave: bring warm clothes.

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