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James Cameron reaches the bottom of the Marian Trench

On 03-26-2012

"Deepsea Challenger" allowed to James Cameron to discover the Marian Trench on March the 26th, 2012.
The american producer is the third man to reach it, the deepest in the world, 11 kilometers deep (10,898 m).
He is the first one to do it alone.
The two first men to do it were the Lieutnant Don Walsh, US Marine, and the oceanographer Jacques Piccard (from Switzerland), who spent 20 minutes in this place on board the bathyscaphe Trieste on January the 23rd, 1960.

To compare, the Himalaya is at 8,848 high.
Wales can reach 2,500m deep, and the deepest observed fish was at 7,700m.

It took 90 minutes to James Cameron to reach this depth; his exploration took 3 hours.
Its descent will be the subject of a movie.

Click here wil allow you to see the National Geographic report done on the Titanic wreck.

The html link here below brings you to the website of James Cameron expedition.

An exact copy of the Deepsea Challenger can be seen in the City of the Sea at Cherbourg.
The information of this museum with picture of the submarine can be seen by clicking here.

National Geographic

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