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The City of the Sea

The depths of emotion!

Domaine(s) : Ecology

Region : Basse Normandie

Outdoor entrance: ©La Cite de la Mer_S.Guichard
Deepsea Challenger: ©La Cite de la Mer


The City of the Sea was opened in 2002 following the disarmament of the submarine Le Redoutable and following the need to save the old transatlantic ferry terminal, which is included in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments since 1989.

The City of the Sea takes you to conquer large funds along the axis that runs from Ocean Pole attraction to the submarine one through the great gallery of machines and men, attractions 'We walked under the sea' and 'Pursue Red October', and through the exhibition dedicated to the Titanic.

When you visit the Ocean pole, you will understand that the deep sea has an equally difficult technical challenge levels than scientific exploration of the space, but has such a close interest so much more important!

17 aquariums including the Europe's deepest plunge you into this world so varied and colorful.

Great Gallery of Underwater shows you this technological and military epic.
You can control Le Furtif, virtual submarine, through simulators of the latest generation.
Finally, two masterpieces of the City Sea:
- You can visit the largest submarine open to the public on the planet: Le Redoutable
- Since 2014 is presented the replica of the Deepsea Challenger submarine that James Cameron's used for his record a deep dive solo, to reach 10,908 meters below the surface.
You can enjoy videos of his exploration done on the 26th of March, 2012 by clicking here.


Allow 5 hours to take the time to immerse yourself in this visit and to enjoy the many exhibits and attractions.
The opening Schedule of the city is available directly on the official website by clicking here. Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.


An open space in 2012 is dedicated to the Titanic and emigration with reconstitution of cabins, testimonials, ...

One feature of the City of the Sea is that it is widely about great depths.

You enjoy the architecture of the city, located in one of the largest terminal marine in Europe, and has its large art deco arch built in 1933.

The City has a restaurant and a snack bar on site, a library with over 2500 books.


Gare maritime transatlantique, 50100 Cherbourg-Octeville

N 49°38'46'', O 01°37'05''

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Site internet officiel :

W walked Under the sea: ©La Cite de la Mer - Franck Castel
Ocean Department: ©La Cité de la Mer - F. Bassemayousse